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How to connect backcross aprons and strings. Reason to wear without crossing but backcross

The most popular apron of  Vêtements de chanvre is the back cross apron.

It is an apron to wear cross straps on the back.
This back cross apron has two kinds of string specifications.
1. Shoulder strap and hip string separately type
2. A type in which a shoulder strap and a hip string are connected
Among these two kinds of back cross aprons, it is more popular in Vêtements de chanvre.

It is a type of back cross apron where shoulder straps and hips are connected.
I will explain how to attach the back cross apron to which this shoulder string hip string is connected.

How to wear a back cross apron connected to a shoulder hip string.


① Pass the shoulder strap from the breastplate through the loop.

The right string goes to the right loop. Left string to the left loop.
“Back cross”
Just to say, you may seem to cross the strings first and go through the loop.
However, this type of apron, where shoulder straps and waist strings are connected to one, is not crossed in the state before wearing it.
In case of
② Pass through the loop, pass the arm.
Thread one string through the opposite threading hole.
Thread through holes are on both sides, so please pass them through to whom you prefer easily.
For reinforcement, a reinforcing cloth is sewn to the string through hole from the back.
Please pass the string through a button hole of about 2 cm.
③ Turn the opposite string also forward.
At this time, I will bring the string through hole without passing it.
It is completed by tying in front.


You can also wear it without passing through the string through hole.

“Passing through a string through hole is a hassle!”

In case of
If you say, turn one corner one by one and wear it around the waist with a feeling like wearing a kimono.

Because the width of the body is wide, turn one corner of the string one by one.

Benefits of connecting shoulder straps and waist strings.

There is no hassle of adjusting the length of the shoulder straps, and you can tie in front

The type apron with shoulder strap and hip string separated, adjust shoulder strap to just right length and wear it.

Is not there sometimes I wear and take off many times to decide the length?

However, the type of back cross apron to which the shoulder strap and hip string of Vêtements de chanvre are connected can adjust the length of the string passed through the loop at the front.

There is no need to wear and take off many times to adjust shoulder straps.

Because I do not pass through the cross that I crossed when I wear, there is no make-up on the inside of the breastplate and get dirty.

Halter neck apron is worn through the head to the breastplate.

Backcross aprons with shoulder straps and waist strings separately are worn through the head with the shoulder strap crossed.

At that time, there is a thing that makeup is attached to the breastplate at all.

There may be times when hair accessories get caught.In case of

If the back cross apron of the type where the shoulder waist string is connected, there is not such a thing.

Since I wear it through my arm with feeling like wearing a cooking clothes, I will not get dirty with makeup, nor will it catch on hair accessories.

Disadvantages and measures against the fact that the shoulder strap and the hip string are connected

There is a possibility that the string passed through the loop is shifted.


The string that passed through the loop is convenient because you can adjust the shoulder strap at the front.

However, while you are wearing, there are times when the string moves and slips with the loop.

I will teach you countermeasures at such times.

Measures to be taken when the string is shifted in a loop

If the string that passed through the loop is just right length, if you tie it together at the loop, you will not miss the string when you wear it.


Summary of reasons why back cross-aprons are popular

I tell you the reason why the back cross apron is popular.

Despite the disadvantage, the back cross apron has the merit of covering it.


Please help us to work in everyday housework, cafe, restaurant, coffee shop etc.
In case of


Until the end Thank you for reading.



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