Overseas dispatch ♪ How to order with Pinkoi?

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Recently, we have become able to receive orders from overseas customers as well.
In Vêtements de chanvre, you can also order from Pinkoi.
We will guide you from membership registration on such Pinkoi  to how to order.




Pinkoi is Asia’s largest designer market


“In the first place, what is Pinkoi?”


Pinkoi started in Taiwan August 2011.
It is a market where designers from all over the world gather in Japan, Thailand, China, Hong Kong and the USA.



In Pinkoi, a translation system is attached so that you can order according to your language.
Product description of Japanese is also translated into English, Chinese and other languages by automatic translation system.
You can automatically translate the description of the foreign language into Japanese.
“I can not read foreign languages!”
I am not worried.
When you are looking at Pinkoi’s page, you can feel like you are traveling abroad.
I found a favorite item on such Pinky, how do I order?
For those of you, I will show you how to order from Pinkoi.


How do I register Pinkoi as a member?


① First, I will access the page of Pinkoi.



② I will register for membership.

Membership registration is required to order items.

Click “Login / New registration” in the upper right.



This screen comes out.
You can also log in with Facebook or Twitter.


To register as a new member, click “Register new member here” at the bottom right.


Once membership registration is completed, you can enjoy shopping in Asia’s largest designer market.
“I want to order my favorite items!”



How do I order items?


① Click on the favorite item.



② Click “Order” or “Add to Cart” button in pink.


In the case of order-made products, the “order” button is displayed.



③ The cart will be displayed.
Confirm the contents are correct.




④ “Select delivery method”.



When clicked, the delivery method set by the shop is displayed.
Choose the right one.



⑤ Click “Go to payment screen”.

⑥ Select the payment method.



Click “Next”.

⑦ Enter delivery destination information.


Click “Next”.
⑧ Confirm your entries and your order is complete.


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