English, 製作の過程

Reason for washing the fabric and washing finish

Cherish each process

The apron of Vêtements de chanvre is a creator, I am doing it by myself.

So it can not be mass produced.

Because we can not mass-produce, we care about each process carefully.

So that you think that the person wearing the apron is comfortable.

“Even if you wear anything, it’s the same apron.”

There are also people who think so.

“It is OK if dirt can be prevented from clothes.”

It is also an important element required for an apron.

That is a required condition.

Apex of Vêtements de chanvre further stepped further,

“It is comfortable to wear.”

I also want to stick to it.

Apron comfortable to wear

I care about each process, I choose cloth, I am particular about the texture of the material.

In Vêtements de chanvre, wash cloth before cutting the fabric.

Drop the glue on the cloth, give out the rustic texture of the fabric, so that you can adapt to your skin from the moment you wear it.

The ironed apron is a nice thing with a sense of cleanliness.

However, it is an apron to wear sweep quickly.

There should be such a casual apron.



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